Bird Magnet: Macaranga gigantea

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Mahang tree (Macaranga gigantea) is really a good magnet and proved to be a good spot to shoot bird at least for the 2 hours (2-4pm) when i was there. This tree in the garden is situated not too far from my home.

Park my car next to the tree and waited. One species after another. A flock of purple-backed starling started the fruit feast, then they flew away after a flock of myna came over. Then, the starling came back again. During the quiet period, a few yellow-vented bulbuls and a lone pied triller took their turns to taste the fruits. That's not over yet, the starling came back again. Next, came the Oriental White-eye. A few Olive-backed Sunbird and Scarlet-backed Sunbird were in the vicinity and perched on a rubber tree behind. Did not see them joining the 'banquet' though. 4 Ashy Minivet were there too but only perched on the bare branches and flew away a few minutes later.

Purple-backed Starling

Javan Myna

Pied Triller

Oriental White-eye

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