2 Birders from Spain - 10th-14th July 2019

Saturday, July 13, 2019

From the airport, we travelled to Taman Negara with few birding stops along the way just to get as many species of birds as possible. When we arrived at the National Park, we only left with about 1 hour daylight. We tried to make use of that and added a few birds. After spending the next 1.5 days here, we moved on to a higher ground, Fraser's Hill (some say this is my 2nd home 😅 because I am up here almost every week). Anyway, we spent 2 nights and n this hill station before returning to the airport.

Some of the highlights for this trip include (but not limited to) Green Broadbill, Crested Jay, Black Magpie, Blyth's Paradise Flycatcher, Red-bearded Bee-eater, Mountain Peacock-pheasant and Straw-headed Bulbul.
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HK birding couple Andrew & Jenny - 29th June - 7th July 2019

Sunday, June 30, 2019

This is a first bird photography trip to Peninsular Malaysia for Andrew and Jenny. Andrew contacted me many months ago and I proposed an itinerary covering the keysites for bird photography with some notable species as targets.

First day, we spent time in the forest of Hulu Langat before moving up to Bukit Tinggi for 2 nights stay, 3 nights in Fraser's Hill, 1 night in Taiping and finally 2 nights in Penang.

Some of the highlights include (but not limited to) Mountain Peacock-pheasant, Fire-tufted Barbet, Red-bearded Bee-eater, Scarlet-rumped Trogon, Red-headed Trogon, Rufous-collared Kingfisher, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Blue-eared Kingfisher, Green Broadbill, Banded Broadbill, Dusky Broadbill, Black-and-Red Broadbill, Black-and-Yellow Broadbill, Chestnut-naped Forktail, Slaty-backed Forktail,

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John chasing Lifers - 26th-28th June 2019

Thursday, June 27, 2019

This is a short trip with specific species to look for in Pahang and Selangor. One day in the hill station followed by another day in a lowland forest in Pahang and on the final day in a lowland forest near Kuala Lumpur. We did pretty well with the targets although some of them are not easy. Some requires lots of hard work and persistent.

  • Some of the targets that we managed to locate include Banded Kingfisher, Rufous-collared Kingfisher, Indian Cuckoo, Banded Bay Cuckoo, Pygmy Cupwing, Fire-tufted Barbet, Malaysian Partridge, Brown Fulvetta, Blue-winged Minla, Crimson-winged Woodpecker, Ferruginous Babbler, Black-capped Babbler, Fluffy-backed Tit-Babbler, Lesser Shortwing, Everett's White-eye, and others.
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Gail & Mal birding near KL for 7 days - 11th - 17th June 2019

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

This is a 7 days birding trip near Kuala Lumpur with Gail and Mal from Australia. Picked them up from Putrajaya and we headed to the lowland forest near KL where we spent the whole day. The following day we went to the birding spots of Kuala Selangor before we travel up to the famous hill station, Fraser's Hill. Of course, a few other birding sites not to be missed out on this trip are Lanchang and Bukit Tinggi. Some of the highlights for the trip are (but not limited to) all the broadbills except 1 species, various species of Babblers & Bulbuls, Rhinoceros Hornbill, Oriental Pied Hornbill, Black Hornbill, Red-bearded Bee-eater, Sultan Tit, Rufous-backed Kingfisher, Blue-eared Kingfisher, Collared Kingfisher, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Black-thighed Falconet, Malaysian Partridge, and I supposed both of them enjoyed seeing the woodpeckers such as Common Flameback, Greater Flameback, Greater Yellownape, Lesser Yellownape, Speckled Piculet, Banded Woodpecker, Crimson-winged Woodpecker, Sunda Woodpecker, Laced Woodpecker, Rufous Woodpecker, Buff-necked Woodpecker and Grey-and-Buff Woodpecker.

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Lawrence & wife birding near KL - 31st May - 4th June 2019

Saturday, June 8, 2019

We started the  trip from KL birding for half a day in Hulu Langat then headed to Kuala Selangor on Day 1. Plenty of birds seen in the morning. However the journey to Kuala Selangor took a bit longer due to heavy traffic. On the second day, we covered the mangrove reserve but had to do a quick walk due to poor weather condition. After that we drove up to Fraser's Hill and stayed a night there. It was a great birding in the highland despite the rain we had in the afternoon. The following day, we went birding in the morning in a highland resort. In the afternoon, we drove to the famous city of entertainment, Genting Highlands for more species. On the final day, we drove to Lanchang for another lowland forest birding session. Return to KL and concluded the trip with a Blue-eared Kingfisher.
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Mark first birding in Malaysia - 30th May 2019

Friday, May 31, 2019

I picked up Mark from his hotel in the city centre early in the morning and drove towards the lowland forest in Pahang. Luckily the weather was pretty decent today and we were able to get views of some fine species in the forest. Not forgeting that we had 4 broadbills including a pair of Green Broadbill.
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Bip continue his search for broadbill and trogon - 25th & 26th May 2019

Friday, May 24, 2019

Finally, Bip managed to improve his shot of Dusky Broadbill! Now only left one more broadbill species for Peninsular Malaysia. But on these 2 days, we were also rewarded with Malaysian Partridge, Slaty-backed Forktail, Long-tailed Broadbill, Fire-tufted Barbet and a few more.
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James & wife birding near KL - 23rd May 2019

Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Mallika & Family on Vacation - 15-18th May 2019

I have been corresponding with Chinmaya months ago before he arrive in KL with his wife and daughter. They came here for a holiday but he also planned it out so that his wife Malikka can do some bird photography in KL, Langkawi and Penang. I only guided them for 4 days in Fraser's Hill and KL. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable trip hitting some of the finest birds throughout the short period. Surprisngly (and luckily) there was a fruiting tree that attracted so many species of barbet and bulbul as well as a green broadbill.

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John only wanted to bird in Fraser's Hill - 11-13th May 2019

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Yong & Linda - 7-10th May 2019

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Birding with George & Judith - 18th Apr - 3rd May 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019

We were guided by Weng Chun for a 16 day birding trip in Peninsular Malaysia in April-May 2019.   He displayed remarkable patience with two people in their 70s, one with failing eyesight who insisted on photographing every bird.  It is a tribute to his skill and patience that we saw and photographed more than 250 species.   In addition Weng Chun speaks perfect English, is a careful driver (not a particularly common trait in Malaysia) has a great sense of humour, and we found him a delightful companion.  His choice of eating places produced a great selection of Asian cuisines.  In our opinion you could do no better than choosing Weng Chun as your birding guide in Malaysia. - George & Judith, Australia

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Birding with Targets - 15th - 16th Apr 2019

It was a short trip to the hill station with a guest who enjoys taking photographs to look out for some species that we missed on the previous trip last year. And yes, we have successfully nailed a good numbers and get better shots of other species as well.

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Bird Photography with Specific Targets - 13th & 14th Apr 2019

One more trip with a regular guest from India, hunting for Broadbill and Kingfisher.
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Bird Photography with Ujjal - 10th - 12th Apr 2019

I have been communicating with Ujjal (NZ) for sometime and finally we were able to go on a birding trip, taking photos of various species within a short period. I truly believed he enjoyed the trip and hoping he will be back again for a 2nd round tour.

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Birding with Marie - 9th Apr 2019

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Birding with Great Dutch Birders - 1st - 6th Apr 2019

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Bird Photography in BT & Krau forest - 30th Mar 2019

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Birding with Brian - 27th & 28th Mar 2019

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Bird Photography in BT - 26th Mar 2019

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Birding with Sue again - 25th Mar 2019

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A Recee for Mangrove Pitta - 20th Mar 2019

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Had a day off today. In the morning I was trying to reply to all the emails and finalizing some of the logistics for upcoming trips. I know I need to go out birding on my own today, just a casual one - maybe go out to look for the Mangrove Pitta nearby KL. It has been a long time since the previous spot was destroyed by sand mining activity. But I'm really glad the species still survive at a different spot in this area. Not easy to see it but after trying for a good 15 minutes, it showed up on a higher branch of a tree next to my car. Quickly took out the beloved spotting scope and start taking photos and videos with the iPhone. 

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Betty & Steven with Fraser's Hill Lifers - 17-19th Mar 2019

Met up with Betty and Steven in Fraser's Hill for a 3 days 2 nights birding. It was not their first birding trip in the hill station but their previous trips were limited to the area near their accommodation. Betty and Steven arrived 2 days earlier, so they managed to see and identify 38 species on their own. That really put a lot of pressure on me to show them the harder to find species here. As usual, I tried my best to get as many species as possible in this short period. Well, after 3 days of birding, I say we did pretty well with lots of opportunities for them to take photographs. Some of the highlights are (but not limited to) Red-headed Trogon, Long-tailed Broadbill, Collared Owlet, Malaysian Partridge, Malayan Laughingthrush, Black Laughingthrush, White-tailed Robin, Lesser Shortwing, Lesser Yellownape, Greater Yellownape, Bay Woodpecker, Fire-tufted Barbet and Black-browed Barbet. 

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Day Trip to Bukit Tinggi & Hulu Langat - 16th Mar 2019

Thanks to Mr Lee, today I went out with Anita for a day birding in Bukit Tinggi and Hulu Langat. Many good species but we didn't see or hear any hornbill in both location, strange but that's birding. We spent the morning in Bukit Tinggi for Mountain Peacock-pheasant but we also managed to secured good views and photographs of Orange-headed Thrush, Silver-breasted Broadbill, Little Cuckoo-dove, Siberian Blue Robin, White-rumped Shama, Orange-bellied Flowerpecker and Whiskered Treeswift. No sign of Ferruginous Partridge though. 

In the afternoon, we went to look for Rufous-backed Kingfisher and we rewarded with the adult kingfisher feeding its fledgling. There were also Grey-headed Babbler, Horsfield's Babbler, Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, Rufous-winged Philentoma, Grey-breasted Spiderhunter and others. 

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I'm a bird watcher, digiscoper, photographer and a licensed nature guide. Welcome to my 'A Malaysian Birder' blog. I will post my bird sightings and photographs on this blog. I started bird watching while studying in university. After graduating with a degree in forestry specializing in parks and recreation management, I have been attached to the parks and gardens industry. My past work experiences involve conducting environmental education program, bird watching and many more. When I go out to the field, I will usually have my Kowa 10x32 BDXD binocular, iPhone and Kowa TSN-501 spotting scope with me. This is the lightest setup for me as I prefer to go light these days. Although sometimes, I will (and I need to) take out my Nikon 10x42 Monarch binocular, Nikon ED82 spotting scope, Nikon1 V1 setup for specific targets.

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There are quite a number of birding groups from Australia, United States and United Kingdom that come over to Malaysia annually visiting the traditional key sites that include Kuala Selangor, Fraser's Hill and Taman Negara. There is not doubt that the 3 sites are the preferred birding sites in Peninsular Malaysia. So if you are coming over for birding and intend to hire a guide, you can send me an email at and go over to posting section to view photos and summary of trip reports with testimonials from past clients.

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