Showtime: 22 November 2011 - Rimba Kiara

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Took a late lunch break today. After a nice plate of Chicken Rice, went over to Rimba Kiara. I was looking at all the epiphytes on the tress while carrying the camera and Showtime+Canon HF200 combo. The usual birds sighted were Asian Glossy Starling, Common Myna, White-throated Kingfisher, Blue-tailed Bee-eater and Asian Brown Flycatcher. All of a sudden, heard a loud call coming from outside the park. HORNBILL!!!!
The same call I heard during my previous visit but never got to locate it. But today, the bird flew to a tree next to my car.

Initially it was perching high above me, not a good angle but aimed at the bird anyway, just to get record shot. I tried to move further to get a better angle, I was lucky it stayed pretty long for another viewing angle. Then, it flew down and perch on the palm frond. Eye level view!!! that's great, better angle for photo and video.

Here are some shots taken with the Showtime+Canon HF200. Photo rotated, USM and resized for web sharing.

Apart from the hornbill, I was also focusing on the praying mantis.

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