Big Year Birder, Noah Strycker in Malaysia

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It is a great pleasure to have Noah birding in Peninsular Malaysia. We had almost 7 days covering lowland forests, highland, mangrove and urban gardens.

Read about his day-to-day updates.
Day 1 (8th Nov 2015): The Festival of Lights
Day 2 (9th Nov 2015): The Krau Forest
Day 3 (10th Nov 2015): Fraser's Hill - A World Apart
Day 4 (11th Nov 2015): Where's a Watercock When You Need One?
Day 5 (12th Nov 2015):  Two Birds Are Better Than No Bird
Day 6 (13th Nov 2015): A Good Rush of Birds
Day 7 (14th Nov 2015):

Noah's Big Year Species List - Birding without Borders

In addition to Noah's bird list of peninsular Malaysia, I have listed my own Mammals list seen during the trip

  1. Sunda Slow Loris
  2. White-thighed Langur
  3. Sundaic Silvered Langur
  4. Dusky Langur
  5. Long-tailed Macaque
  6. Southern Pig-tailed Macaque
  7. Siamang
  8. Eurasian Wild Pig
  9. Cream-coloured Giant Squirrel
  10. Plantain Squirrel
  11. Grey-bellied Squirrel
  12. Pallas's Squirrel
  13. Western Striped Squirrel
  14. Slender Squirrel

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There are quite a number of birding groups from Australia, United States and United Kingdom that come over to Malaysia annually visiting the traditional key sites that include Kuala Selangor, Fraser's Hill and Taman Negara. There is not doubt that the 3 sites are the preferred birding sites in Peninsular Malaysia. So if you are coming over for birding and intend to hire a guide, you can send me an email at and go over to posting section to view photos and summary of trip reports with testimonials from past clients.

Besides following the traditional route, I also customized trip according to clients needs, preference and interests. So there are some local patches that I can introduce to all bird watchers, digiscopers and photographers.

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